If you are a patient diagnosed with  HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Epilepsy or have chronic seizures, muscle spasms, or pain please contact us and help pass the medical cannabis legislation in Springfield.  We need more patients to contact their State Representatives and State Senators and tell them to support medical cannabis in Illinois.  Use this form to email your State Representative regarding SB 1381.

Currently, 14 states allow for the medical use of cannabis, however, Illinois residents are considered criminals for using what patients in other states use for medicine.  We cannot continue to criminalize sick and dying individuals who use this doctor recommended medicine in Illinois, we need to protect them and give them safe and legal access to this medicine.

We are also asking patients to come forward and tell their stories at our patient lobbying days at the Capitol, Feb. 18, March 16, April 20, and May 7, 2010.  If you cannot make it please call both of your State Representative’s offices on those days too.  If you would like us to develop a one page flier telling the State Representatives your story and how medical cannabis helps or that you would like to be able to use it please contact us.