Medical Cannabis Patients & Advocates Return to the Capitol During the Veto Session to Push for Vote on Senate Bill 1381

Lawmakers will be returning to Springfield this week for the veto session. Medical cannabis patients and supporters once again will be in Springfield at the Capitol lobbying lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 1381. Please dress in a professional manner and be very courteous and respectful to everyone at the Capitol. This will NOT be a protest or a rally but an effort to convince lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 1381. Everyone will be required to go through security and a metal detector too.
For those who cannot make it to Springfield please call you State Representative everyday this week and politely and kindly tell them and/or their staffer to “Vote Yes on Senate Bill 1381.” By calling 217-782-2000 you’ll be connected to the Capitol switchboard and the operator will be able to connect you with your State Representative’s office in Springfield. The Illinois General Assembly website offers live streaming of floor debates and votes for legislation in House of Representatives and that would be the best way to stay up to date for when this bill will be called for a vote. If the bill is not called for a vote this week then the next chance will be November 29, 30 or December 1.

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