Medical Cannabis Vote Delayed Until November or January

Unfortunately, the Illinois legislature adjourned for the summer without calling Senate Bill 1381 for a vote. The next potential time for the Illinois House of Representatives to vote on this much needed legislation is November or January. However, the sponsor of the bill, State Representative Lou Lang has stated many times that he intends to call this bill for a vote when he knows that it has enough votes to pass. A few lawmakers in the weeks and days before the legislative session ended expressed their desires to see this bill pass but would not commit to voting yes on it. If we could have picked up these commitments then we might have been able to get the bill to Gov. Quinn’s desk. We could use more support and help in these lawmakers’ districts so if you or anyone you know lives in these areas please ask them to contact their State Representative about supporting SB 1381. The districts that we are working on include Arlington Heights, Dekalb, and Peoria. Also, please contact your State Representative and ask them why this bill was put on the back burner once again and why Illinois did not join the other 14 states in allowing medical cannabis.

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