Medical Cannabis Lobbying Days at the Capitol

We are pleased to announce our medical cannabis lobbying days when we can have a table setup for lawmakers to meet with patients and medical cannabis supporters.

The February 18,2010 lobbying day went very well.  We were able to meet with and educate many Illinois State Representatives.  Senate Bill 1381 picked up another Co-Sponsor and the local news covered the event too.  Plus, simply our presence at the Capitol let the lawmakers in Springfield know that medical cannabis patients are everyday Americans and deserve safe and legal access to this medicine.

March 16 went very well, we had more patients and supporters than before and we are getting closer and closer to passing Senate Bill 1381.  Please keep contacting your State Representative’s offices and let them know how much support there is for medical cannabis in Illinois.  Call their district and Capitol offices and ask to setup a meeting with them to discuss this bill.

May 7, 2010 is the next lobbying day and hopefully we can get even more patients, doctors, and advocates at the Capitol supporting Senate Bill 1381. The event will take place from 9AM-5PM on each day and we will be located on the first floor in the South hall.  It is crucial that our supporters are respectful and are there to educate and build relationships with the lawmakers not to hold a protest or become disruptive.  If you can attend one of these days please let us know that you will be joining us so that we can keep you up to date with the details, and if you cannot attend please be sure to call your State Representative on those days at 217-782-2000.  You can email your State Representative in support of medical cannabis in Illinois here.

On our medical cannabis lobbying days we will have a two tables setup in the South hall on the first floor of the Capitol Building in Springfield and will have patients there to meet with people.  We also plan to have folks going to State Representatives’ offices in the Stratton Building, connected via an underground tunnel, giving them info on supporting medical cannabis in Illinois.  If you can attend please dress nice and act polite.  Plus, call your State Representative’s office ahead of time and let them know you will be at the Capitol for the day.

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